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Once The Shoot Salver, this exquisite trophy was kindly donated by 

 Mr P Johnson in July 2007.

Winners of

 The Shoot Salver



Jimmy Renwick 1987, Bryan Salkeld 1988, 

Gordon Seymour 1989, Gordon Seymour 1990,

 Roy Duncan 1991, Noel Beveridge 1992,

 Noel Beveridge 1993, Claire Irving 1994, 

Colin Liddell 1995, Fred Lemon 1996

, Paul Johnson 1997, Roy Duncan 1998.

Refurbished by Mr F Johnston in February 2008 and again in April 2012.

The Salver is won by the player with the highest average score after

 submitting two scores in a given month (+/- allowance)


The score can be played on any course around the world, from any tees,

as long as the card was marked and the hole putted out!

In the event of a tie for The Salver, the Ramshaw/Peart Ruling will be applied.

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